Handcrafted in Vermont out of brass and granite

Each Stopping Stone is engraved with an identifier that corresponds with an entry in our searchable database. The entry displays verified information about the person, and in some cases depicts how the sponsoring organizations and individuals unearthed those details.

In sharing who did the research and how, as well as what they felt and learned along the way, we hope that others will be inspired to participate in the project.

Stolpersteines installed in Frankfurt, Germany
Stolpersteines installed in Frankfurt, Germany

Inspired by Stolpersteines

Paul’s participation in a Stolpersteine installation ceremony in Nordhausen, Germany inspired him to explore bringing something similar to the U.S. to remember those who were enslaved here.

Paul wanted to engage Americans in helping heal the impacts of dehumanization that echo from our nation’s history of slavery.

Stopping Stones engages organizations and individuals to honor these lives by installing plaques bearing names and occupations of enslaved individuals at the sites where they were held.