Commemorative plaque inlaid in cobblestone street and showing the name of a slave

Stopping Stones

Leave a Lasting Mark

Unless acknowledged and avoided, dehumanization of others breeds corrosive denial, shame, hate, and cruelty, that is passed down through generations.

By catalyzing the identification and recognition of individual, enslaved Americans of African descent in the places they were held, our goal is to catalyze healing, reduce racism, and build greater harmony.

Enslaved Americans deserve to be recognized individually for their humanity —in an uplifting way— that celebrates a culture and heritage defined by strength, innovation, and spirit.

Stopping Stones

Handcrafted in Vermont out of brass and granite, each Stopping Stone
is engraved with an identifier that corresponds with an entry in our searchable database. The entry displays verified information about
the person, and in some cases depicts how the sponsoring
organizations and individuals unearthed those details.

In sharing who did the research and how, as well as what they felt and learned along the way, we hope that others will be inspired to participate in the project.

Historical Black and White Photo of a Holding Cell for Slaves

From Dehumanization to Rehumanization

Stopping Stones aims to inspire learning and healing by honoring those whose lives and contributions have been disregarded.

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